Security Procedures

Don't support crime - Prevent it

A free security procedures wallhanger is available from Business East Tamaki
Developed as part of the Ministry of Justice funded community safety project, focused on reducing the vulnerability to crime of the migrant retail commercial business community in the Burswood precinct.
Contact Business East Tamaki on 09 273 6274 or email us to receive a free wallhanger for your premises.

How to Deal with Suspicious Behaviour

  • Greet every customer so they know they have been noticed
  • If you feel it is safe, approach a suspicious person and keep busy nearby
  • If you can, tell someone else what you think is happening
  • Trust your instincts – anyone can steal
  • Contact Business East Tamaki who may email a security alert to warn other businesses in the area

How to Deal with Aggressive Customers

  • Remain calm, be polite – listen sympathetically
  • Do not be defensive or confrontational
  • If they continue to abuse, ask them to leave your store
  • If they don’t leave, then CALL 111

When You Close Up

  • Lock gates, skylights, doors and windows
  • Illuminate all entry and exit points
  • Set your alarm (if fitted)
  • Deny all access to the roof - don’t stack pallets, boxes or bins outside
  • Leave your till open and empty

What to do in a Robbery

  • Don’t be a hero!
  • Remain calm. Do not make any sudden movements
  • Listen carefully to the robber
  • Obey the robber’s instructions – don’t resist
  • CALL 111 as soon as it is safe to do so
  • Observe and carefully record all you see and know, but don’t stare
  • Do not chase the robbers, but note the direction the robber takes and vehicle details including the registration plate number, if seen
  • Do not touch anything till after the Police arrive
  • Take witnesses name and phone numbers for the Police

How to Manage Cash

In Store

  • Count cash out of sight
  • Don’t discuss your cash takings in public
  • Your safe should be out of view of the public
  • Use time-lock delay safes
  • Display Business East Tamaki's sign that says 'No cash or valuables kept on these premises'

 Taking Cash to the Bank

  • Vary time of banking daily
  • Use adult staff (preferably more than one)
  • Don’t carry cash in a marked bank or canvas money bag
  • If walking, take the most direct route
  • Carry a mobile telephone, be alert and walk towards oncoming traffic
  • If driving, lock the doors of your vehicle and vary the route taken

How to Prevent Crime


  • Keep your front window space clear of posters etc
  • Ensure your shop is well lit
  • Position the cash register near the front shop door
  • Have a clear line of sight of all areas – use mirrors
  • Keep expensive items secure at the rear of the shop


  • Entrances and exits should be well lit
  • Car parks should be clearly visible, well lit with no dark spots
  • Tidy gardens and low shrubs give a clear view
  • Ensure access points are closed at night e.g. gates and chains

Alarm Systems and CCTV

  • Develop an alarm plan that covers all possible entry points
  • Install a professional alarm system using a recommended supplier
  • Place alarm signs in visible places
  • Ask yourself what you want your camera to do and how it will help your situation. A well positioned high resolution camera over the exit door of your shop can be invaluable.