Emergency Ready

Be emergency ready!

In the event of an emergency or disaster in East Tamaki, Business East Tamaki will be able to assist Auckland Emergency Management and the emergency services in the local response by helping to warn and communicate with local businesses. 

It's important for businesses to build resilience. See below for useful resources including how to develop a business continuity plan.

Subscribe to emergency updates

Click here to subscribe to SMS or email alerts from Civil Defence or Red Cross. 

Does your business have a Business Continuity Plan?

Auckland Emergency Management has developed a free suite of online resources to help small business owners plan for all types of emergencies including the current COVID-19 pandemic. A good business continuity plan will give your business a better chance of recovering, particularly as the country moves through the different COVID-19 alert levels. A business continuity plan identifies how your business can keep its essential functions up and running during a time of disruption. 

This new Work Ready site has lots of information to get you started. Check out the business continuity guide here. 

Locating your nearest defibrillator

AED Locations is a community-orientated volunteer project designed to make people aware of how many AEDs (automated external defibrillators) there are in New Zealand.
AED Locations aims to increase awareness by offering a website where individuals can locate the defibrillators in their local area, and by providing signage for display at these sites. In using this website’s data, the user must be aware that the presence of a location on the map:

  • Does not indicate an absolute right to use the AED
  • Does not indicate the AED is available for use 24/7
  • Does not indicate the AED is in full working order
  • Does not guarantee the location is geographically correct. You can help by alerting us via e-mail so we can correct data.

Check out the AED website

Tsunami Maps

Civil Defence has released tsunami mapping for the region and identified a risk to parts of the Business East Tamaki area in the event of a tsunami. Click here for the map.

Does your business have a survival kit?

Civil Defence recommends a survival kit to enable your business to survive three days without assistance:
- water (3 litres per person per day)
- canned non-perishable foods
- torch and radio (with spare batteries)
- toilet paper, plastic bags and bucket
- first aid kit and essential medicines
- barbecue or other means of cooking
- face and dust masks

Is your business prepared for an earthquake?

Participating in New Zealand ShakeOut once a year is a great way for employers and employees to learn the right actions to take before, during and after an earthquake.