Reporting Crime

Don't support crime - report it!

Reported crimes are collated by Police Intelligence and drive the allocation of resources and patrols. If you don't report it, the Police don't know about it. 

Call 111 if it's an emergency or there is an offender present

Call 105 for the Crime Reporting Line for non-emergencies and after the event

Call 0800 555 111 for Crime Stoppers - give information without revealing your identity
Report cyber crime/scams to CERT NZ (new government agency)
Email Business East Tamaki about any suspicious activity observed in our area. We will email an alert to Business East Tamaki businesses and, where appropriate, share this information with the police.

Stolen vehicles - you can check if a vehicle is stolen on the Police website by entering an individual registration number, or an individual VIN, chassis or engine number (useful for scrap metal dealers and auto dismantlers).

Graffiti removal - Contact Scott Henderson, Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust on 09 269 4080. Free removal if visible from the road, otherwise MBCT will provide a quote for removal. For all premises that are within the Business Improvement District, graffiti will be removed from road facing surfaces to a height of 3 metres above ground level. In the case of the MBCT not having an exact paint match for the affected area, the business or property owner will need to supply the paint. For affected surfaces that are not road facing or above 3 metres the MBCT can still assist but a charge will be incurred.

Information needed when calling the Police

•    Where and when the incident occurred
•    What happened
•    Description of the person and of the vehicle the offender(s) left in

A Language Line is available when you phone the Police - If you do not speak English, an interpreter is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm. Please ask for this when you are phoning Police.