Plastics Technician / Injection Die Setter

Plastics Technician / Injection Die Setter

Listed 26 Mar 2024

Company Description:

Our Pact Packaging division is pioneering a whole of product life cycle approach to sustainable packaging. Partnering with global brands to local dairy producers, we integrate supply chain efficiencies and sustainable practices into everything we design and manufacture.

Key Responsibilities

  • Install and set up injection moulding machines, including loading moulds, adjusting clamps, and ensuring proper alignment.
  • Configure machine parameters such as temperature, pressure, and cycle time to meet product specifications.
  • Install and secure moulds into the injection moulding machine.
  • Ensure that moulds are correctly aligned and properly fastened to prevent production issues and damage to equipment.
  • Monitor machine operation during the production run to identify and address issues such as defects, misalignment, or equipment malfunctions.
  • Adjust machine settings, such as injection speed and pressure, temperature, and cooling time, as needed to maintain product quality.
  • Identify and troubleshoot problems with moulds, machines, and production processes.
  • Take corrective actions to resolve issues promptly and minimize production downtime.
  • Perform routine maintenance on injection moulding machines and moulds, including cleaning, lubrication.
  • Inspect finished products for quality and conformity to specifications.
  • Maintain records of machine settings, adjustments, and production data.
  • Report any equipment malfunctions or maintenance needs to the appropriate personnel.

 Qualifications and Skills

  • Previous experience as an injection moulding die setter.
  • Knowledge of injection moulding machines, moulds, and related equipment.
  • Mechanical aptitude and the ability to troubleshoot and perform basic repairs.
  • Attention to detail and a commitment to producing high-quality products.
  • Strong communication skills to coordinate with production teams and engineers.
  • Adherence to safety protocols and a commitment to maintaining a safe work environment